Reduce Machining Times by 70%

Sometimes it is little adjustments that make the biggest difference, but it is always necessary to take a closer look and understand when processes need to be improved over the long term. Why does the Project Engineering team score so highly here? We have the answer.


Optimising processes and saving on costs

Harald Kosche GmbH is a traditional contract manufacturer for customers in the fields of mechanical engineering, steel machining and electronics as well as for suppliers of the electronics industry, and has to be able to supply a variety of affordable components within a very short time frame. For this reason, those who wish to survive in the international competitive environment usually need to optimise their production processes. Harald Kosche GmbH relied on the Project Engineering team at CERATIZIT and was able to drastically reduce the machining times for a component through the use of our SOLID CARBIDE MILLING CUTTER. Optimising processes and saving on costs: That’s JUST OUR THING.


A cost-effective approach with the Project Engineering team

When Harald Kosche was asked to produce roller holders, he determined that the customer’s target prices did not match up with the current machining times. “We were simply not fast enough and utilisation of the tools was too high to complete this order cost-effectively,” says Harald Kosche, managing director. The request comprised 160 parts. The order volume and the number of competitors were also equally large. To win the contract, the machining times needed to be reduced urgently. This is only possible with a partner you can rely on, with high quality precision tools in its product range that are available very quickly. This is where the Project Engineering team from CERATIZIT came into its own. Our technical advisors analysed the individual machining strategies and determined how processes could be optimised using the right tool solutions – including a precise cost-per-part calculation.


An unwavering performance: time savings of 70%

With its machining solution, CERATIZIT supplies the customer with the traditional full-service package, together with a complete machining study and determination of potential for improvement. The use of a trochoidal milling strategy in combination with the right tool meant that considerably higher removal rates could be achieved and the machining time could be reduced by more than 70%. The SILVERLINE SOLID CARBIDE MILLING CUTTER remains robust even with extremely large machining volumes, protects the spindle and can be used for any application. An impressive performance from our customer, the CERATIZIT application engineers and our tools. So, when should we put your processes under the microscope?

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