Tool Supply 24/7

Individual solutions for tool procurement

Your complete procurement and storage solution!

When it comes to the process for procuring tools, if we look at it closely, it becomes clear that many resources are required. In order to simplify these complex processes and to ensure more effective procurement of tools, Team Cutting Tools from the CERATIZIT Group acts as a full-service provider in machining to offer innovative solutions customised to your needs. 
Our claim here is that you will always have the right tool at the right time – a critical factor in your success.

  • Technical advice
  • Identifying requirements
  • Consigned stock
  • Issue 24/7
  • Automatic filling
  • Easy-to-understand invoice
  • Cost optimisation
  • Statistics and evaluations

The conventional way of tool procurement is time consuming and costly, prolonged machine stoppages delay the processes.

Tool procurement with TOOL SUPPLY 24/7

  1. Withdrawal notification: Tool available? | Identify requirements?? | 
    Trigger demand?
  2. Procurement: Order
  3. Receipt of goods: Receive parcel | Check invoice | Payment
  4. Tool storage: Book tools | Stock tools
  5. Issue -> New scheduling
  6. Production
  1. Product management: For new articles and changes
  2. Automatic withdrawal notification
  3. Dynamic inventory management by demand: Adjustment of stock levels by demand
  4. Automatic replenishment by CERATIZIT
  5. Issue 24/7
  6. Production

You decide on the products and access authorisations. We support you with the identification of requirements, system selection and installation.


  • Through personalised removal
  • Targeted allocation of authorisations
  • Various evaluations
  • Various evaluations

Highest availability

  • Automatic withdrawal notification
  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Alert delivery directly to customer
  • Continuous filling by service staff
  • No stockouts
  • Daily data download

Complete machining from one supplier

  • One supply partner for all practical applications
  • Targeted training of your employees with new tools
  • Integrated user-friendly ordering system

Premium service for the long term

  • Product installation and allocation by CERATIZIT
  • No additional costs for repair, service and enhancements
  • Immediate upgrade to the latest products
  • Regular stock optimisation
  • Consigned stock
  • No contract period
  • Inventory by CERATIZIT

Improved security and cost reduction

  • No staff for inventory management required
  • Automatic ordering, scheduling
  • Elimination of incoming goods, postage, packaging, etc.
  • A strong partner with decades of know-how
  • Reduced interference possibilities in the process
  • Monthly billing / extended payment terms
  • B2B interface

Tool-O-MAT 840

Unique storage solution

Up to 840 different products can be stocked in the machine. The flexible storage bins adjust to the size of the product and guarantee maximum efficiency / utilisation. The daily stock management and the CERATIZIT replenishment service ensure that the right tools are available when they are required. Payment when dispensed.

Personalised design options

Choose you favourite from our top five designs for the TOOL-O-MAT 840:

Drilling, WTX–UNI

Milling, AluLine

Turning, HCR 1135

DRAGONSKIN – coating technology

491 shoulder milling system


The modern classic

This modern tool dispensing system displays up to 80 different products through its clear front panel. This enables users to quickly select tools using a touchscreen instead of laboriously searching through the catalogue. The flexible configuration of the compartments makes storing even heavy products easy, allowing them to be safely retrieved using the lift and deposited in the output tray. Up to four machines can be connected to the control unit, which saves space and also provides increased storage capacity if required.

As with our other tool dispensing systems, the TOOL-O-MAT 80 guarantees that you will never run out of the tools you urgently need. We are responsible for refilling them and will always make sure that your most popular tools are available. And of course, you will only pay for the tools once they are removed from the machine.

Up to four machines per control unit