Machining the engine mount

Powerful cutting tools for drilling, roughing and finishing high-alloy materials

No tolerances are permitted when it comes to safety – especially in the development of engine mounts. They are subject to enormous stresses when taking off and landing, which is why only the most toughest materials can be used. These materials in turn need to be machined with the highest levels of accuracy and process security.

Welcome aboard – we already have the solutions you need.

1. MaxiMill 211 90° shoulder milling system

Universal with 90° setting angle for various applications on medium-sized and large areas

  • Indexable insert system for machining large pockets, for plunging or for universal applications
  • Special insert design, perfect for plunge milling
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Suitable for various milling strategies and applications
  • Cutting material grade CTCS245 developed for machining Ni-based alloys

2. MaxiMill 271

Face milling cutter for cost-effective roughing with large cutting depths and reduced power consumption

  • 8 cutting edges per indexable insert
  • Max. ap up to 8.4 mm! (17 mm insert)
  • Double-sided indexable insert with integrated clearance angle for reduced power consumption

3. MaxiDrill 900 indexable insert drill

Productive drilling of large and medium diameter holes

  • Drilling of large and medium diameters
  • PVD-coated universal grade for all common materials
  • One indexable insert for centre and peripheral cutting
  • Great performance even in difficult machining situations
  • High alignment accuracy thanks to four guide lands