Machining the landing gear strut

Reliably machine titanium alloys and complex components

The landing gear strut retracts the landing gear into the fuselage after take-off and extends and locks it in position prior to landing. Titanium alloys are frequently used in its construction to enable it to withstand the enormous forces it is exposed to during take-off and landing. The demanding machining characteristics of these alloys, together with the complex structures in the component, make the machining process anything but easy.

But whether trochoidal or conventional: you’ll always land on solid ground with our tooling solutions.

1. WTX-Ti solid carbide drill

Drilling small and medium-sized holes in titanium and heat resistant super alloys

  • Improved geometry and core diameter for maximum process security
  • Unique performance due to the new high-end double coating system
  • Stabilization chamfer on the cutting edge for greater tool stability

2. MaxiMill 271

Face milling cutter for cost-effective roughing with large cutting depths and reduced power consumption

  • Double-sided indexable insert system for pre-roughing with large cutting depths
  • Eight cutting edges per indexable insert
  • Double-sided indexable insert with integrated clearance angle for reduced power consumption
  • Cutting material grade CTCS245 specially developed for machining Ni-based alloys

3. CircularLine

CCR-UNI solid carbide milling cutter optimized for trochoidal roughing

  • The special cutting edge design is perfect for trochoidal milling (CPC: circle power cutting)
  • Cutting edges with chip breakers for reliable chip evacuation when working with large cutting depths
  • For milling in 3xD and 4xD CPC applications

4. MaxiMill 211-KN indexable insert porcupine cutter

90° shoulder, pocket or slot milling with high ap on medium and large components

  • Perfectly adapted tool holder
  • Corner radius up to 6.0 mm
  • Coated cutting material grade CTC5240 as a benchmark in titanium machining