Indexable Milling Cutters

Our MaxiMill indexable milling cutters provide quality and flexibility to ensure you are equipped to take on all possible milling operations. Whether you are face milling, shoulder milling, or high-feed milling, we offer a variety of high-quality cutter bodies and insert grades for a wide range of applications to help you be more productive. When you work with one of our application engineers, they can help you increase efficiency and profitability by saving cycle time and machining hours.

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The MaxiMill 251 is a shell mill, also known as a button cutter, that offers various roughing milling strategies. Utilizing a stable round insert, the positive mounting position provides a soft cutting action giving you lower cutting forces for a very smooth cut. Used for a variety of applications, the MaxiMill 251 can be utilized for pocketing, die and mold roughing, face milling, slotting and helical interpolation of holes. Common in both aerospace and energy sectors, such as machining a turbine blade, this cutter works well in high temp alloys, steel, stainless steel. In addition, the MaxiMill 251 is an excellent cutting solution for unstable pieces, older and lighter machines that cannot achieve the performance needed of high-feed cutters, as well as multi-axis machining.

Round inserts used with the MaxiMill 251 provide an advantage when machining extremely tough materials as the inserts are stronger and tougher, do not need to be indexed and can last longer – especially when machining welded parts. 

CERATIZIT MaxiMill 273 – Face milling concept with 16 useable cutting edges

The MaxiMill 273 offers stability and process security combined with low power consumption. Other benefits include:

  • 16 cutting edges
  • Approach angle 44.6°
  • Positive cutting-edge geometry
  1. Face milling
  2. Slot milling
  3. Chamfering

Low clearance angle

  • Clearance angle α additionally optimizes the cutting edge’s position in the tool.
  • 273-06 combines the best advantages of positive and negative inserts with none of the drawbacks:
    • Maximum number of cutting edges
    • Stability
    • Economy
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Reduced vibration
    • Clean work piece surfaces

MaxiMill 273 benefits at a glance:

Maximum economy

The 16 useable cutting edges allow higher feed rates and guarantees very good work piece surfaces. Maximum feed rate: 2 mm/rev.

High process security

  • Consistent long tool life thanks to the excellent insert coating and the efficient wear protection of the tool.
  • High insert thickness and strong obtuse corner angle improve stability, contributing to excellent system reliability.
  • Very simple clamping means that incorrect clamping is virtually impossible, even without additional clamping devices.
  • Consistent tool life (no unpredictable downtime) particularly in unmanned working.

MaxiMill 491

Double-sided 90° shoulder milling system

With eight usable cutting edges per insert, a precise 90° profile on the workpiece and a durable, nickel-plated base body, the MaxiMill 491 shoulder milling cutter offers maximum performance and cost-effectiveness.

Tool holders are available for face mills, end mills, and screw-in cutters. F-M-R chip breakers combined with the latest DRAGONSKIN grades are suitable for a diverse range of material applications, including steel, cast iron, stainless steel (ISO P-M-K), and aluminum.

The product range has been expanded to cover 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm. A new 9 mm size complements the existing selection.

With 9 mm indexable inserts, we have increased the system range to offer even more application flexibility. This smaller size allows more indexable inserts to be attached to the tool holders, which in turn, delivers longer tool life and higher chip removal rates. Furthermore, power consumption can be slashed while still using the same tool.


MaxiMill 491 benefits at a glance:

  • Extremely high chip removal rate
  • Maximum tool life
  • Eight usable cutting edges per indexable insert at precisely 90°
  • Maximum feed rate
  • Soft cut due to positive chip breakers
  • Low power consumption
  • Universal application in different materials

MaxiMill 251

Universal shell mill 

MaxiMill 251 benefits at a glance:

  • Excellent for roughing applications
  • Utilizes round inserts for tough materials
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Offers a smooth cut
  • Low cutting forces
  • Good for unstable workpieces
  • Good for multi-axis machining

MaxiMill 211

Universal shoulder milling with a true 90° approach angle

The MaxiMill 211 is universal shoulder milling with a 90-degree approach angle with a positive insert that offers a soft cutting action. Combining peripheral milling with face milling means that this cutter capable of milling a true 90-degree shallow shoulder and is an alternative to using face milling cutters when milling axially deflecting surfaces and milling close to vertical faces.

With a variety of milling cutter sizes available, the depth of cut capability differs based on size of milling cutter. The MaxiMill 211 is an excellent cutter for roughing and semi finishing and commonly used in the aerospace, heavy machining, and oil and gas industries. This shoulder milling cutter can be used for helical plunge milling, axial plunging and angled ramping. Insert grades include XDKT grade for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and HRSA (Inconel).

MaxiMill 211 benefits at a glance:

  • Excellent for roughing and semi-finishing applications
  • Positive insert offers soft cutting action
  • Good for steel, stainless steel, and Inconel
  • Variety of milling strategies including helical plunge milling, plunging and angled ramping
  • Common in aerospace, heavy machining, and oil and gas industries