ABS adjuster

Easy handling for fine adjustment of cutting edges of fine and solid drilling tools. 
Optimized tolerance range thanks to compensation options by means of eccentric or MV adjustment.

Eccentric adjuster

  • High static and dynamic rigidity
  • Reduced imbalance
  • High RPM possible
  • Weight the same as ABS® extensions of identical construction
  • 1 line equivalent to 0.02 mm in diameter
  • Adjustment ± 0.25 mm in diameter
  • Scale on the tool for easy adjustment
  • Correction of different cutting edge radii of tools with fixed insert seat

MV adjuster

  • Precise adjustment using micrometric adjusting spindle
  • Max. adjustment range +3 mm in diameter
  • Graduation of scale 1 line = 0.02 mm on diameter
  • Stable clamping of top section after adjustment using four clamping screws arranged on the face
  • Note: With the adjuster, it is not possible to use a sealing disc in the ABS® hole