GreenTeam & CERATIZIT - Beating the world’s best with the electric race car - the video series on the success story

Together with the GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart, the CERATIZIT Project Engineering Team developed a machining solution for the challenging finishing work for the additively manufactured, topologically optimised wheel carrier, brake callipers and motor housing.

In this mini video series, you will join us on this thrilling journey through the project. You can look forward to special behind-the-scenes insights, plenty of emotion, impressive machining, exciting racing, great challenges as well as fantastic teamwork all to achieve a common goal: to help the GreenTeam defend its number 1 world ranking.

The video series on the success story

Episode 1 – The project

After a successful project in 2021, there was no question that we would once again be sponsoring and partnering with the GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart in 2022.

It quickly became clear that the demands this time round would be even greater than last year. Three completely new and very complex components for the Formula E race car had to be manufactured within an extremely tight timeframe.

Episode 2 – The first stage of production

The component to be machined was a new wheel carrier for the GreenTeam’s new electric race car.

The challenge: topologically optimised wheel carriers that are lighter and less rigid than previous ones, whose extremely thin walls made them difficult to machine.

Episode 3 – The second stage of production

The project team travels from Milan to Madrid to finish the 3D printed wheel carriers for the GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart electric race car.

The task involved programming and machining all contact surfaces of the suspension arms to join the chassis. The key focus was to find the zero points of the components.

Episode 4 – The third stage of production

The journey moves on to France, where the last components of the Formula Student E-Racing car are manufactured: the brake callipers and the housing for the electric motor. Components whose structure make them difficult to machine. Will the team be able to hold its nerve, will everything work out and will the parts be finished on time?

Episode 5 – Formula Student Austria part 1

Red Bull Ring, Spielberg in Austria: the venue for the Formula Student Austria, the only race that the GreenTeam has never won. To make sure that the GreenTeam continues to enjoy the best possible conditions, CERATIZIT also provides support during the race. Will the GreenTeam be able to win the Formula Student Austria? Find out in the next episode.

Episode 6 – Formula Student Austria Part 2

With our tools to the top of the world 🙌 

We are still in Austria at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. This is where it will be decided whether the GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart can win the second most famous Formula Student race in the world for the first time in their history.  We were of course live on site to support them. Will they finally get the title they have been longing for? Watch the video until the end and you'll find out. 😉

Episode 7 – AMB trade fair in Stuttgart

The next trip of our joint journey is to the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart, where we were able to integrate the great e-racing car of the GreenTeam into our stand concept. This allowed us to show our visitors a best-practice example of our know-how and what is possible with our tools, as well as highlighting how important e-mobility and the support of sustainable projects are for CERATIZIT.
Take a look and learn more about the most important successes of the GreenTeam this season and how the e-racing car was received at the trade fair.

Stories in pictures: impressions from a success story

Seen enough? You can now also listen to our podcast on the topic

Episode #1

The first episode delves into why exactly the wheel carrier was a particular challenge, why three Technical Centers in three different countries were involved and how to clamp the extremely thin-walled motor housing.

Episode #2

We discuss the disciplines covered in the competitions and why precise machining of the components is absolutely critical for the race car.

Have we piqued your curiosity, and would you like to find out more about our innovative solutions?