Indexable insert drill – the complete KUB Pentron range

PSC – drill with polygonal shank

The polygonal shank offers the best rigidity during the transmission of force from the drill to the adapter. The tapered polygonal shape easily absorbs both torsional forces and bending forces.

CS – drill with cartridge system

Process-secure, powerful and reliable system for creating large holes with a diameter of up to 96.00 mm. It has a modular design and consists of a base body, an internal cartridge and an external cartridge. A certain diameter range can already be covered with a holder and a suitable internal cartridge.

ABS – drill with ABS connection

The ABS connection from Komet is a modular coupling system for rotating tools and stationary tools, and offers a number of advantages, such as improved force transmission.

C – cylindrical shank with clamping flat

Guarantees optimum clamping of the tool and can be clamped in every standard adapter.