More performance. More flexibility.

The modular reaming tool is made up of a tool holder with cylindrical shank and the Reamax replaceable cutting head. An extremely precise short taper with face contact assures the connection between the replaceable cutting head and adapter. This ensures exact repeatability of the diameter and the immediate continuation of work with a new replaceable cutting head . The high-speed Reamax reaming tools offer maximum machining power due to multiple cutting ability

  • Maximum efficiency and absolute process security
  • Low vibration at maximum cutting speeds
  • No adjustment needed when changing cutting edges
  • Maximum flexibility in combination of cutting materials and coatings
  • Diameter and geometry of replaceable cutting heads are application-specific and readily available
  • Manufactured to size, delivered in next to no time
  • Exact repeatability
  • Maximum changeover precision
  • Designed for internal coolant supply and minimum quantity lubrication

Easy to change

The REAMAX replaceable cutting head is fixed to the tool holder using draw bars and lock nuts . No time-consuming and costly adjustment of the fit diameter, since the replaceable cutting heads are manufactured to the application-specific diameter. REAMAX means changeover time is not wasted time.


  • All common materials
  • Through holes and blind holes
  • 3×D and 5×D
  • High-speed up to 300 m/min
  • Feed up to 2.4 mm/rev


The benefit for you

  • Precision grind for maximum quality
  • Modular tool system
  • Maximum stability for the most demanding machining operations
  • Maximum changeover precision due to taper face contact
  • Maximum machining performance for maximum efficiency
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MMS) optimised for environmentally friendly usage