MonsterMill PCR – our revolutionary plunge milling cutter range

Dive into a new world of milling and set standards with our MonsterMill PCR-UNI & MonsterMill PCR-ALU plunge cutters

Precise, powerful and extremely efficient– delve into a new world of milling with the MonsterMill PCR. The revolutionary plunge milling cutter is particularly suitable for machining steel, stainless steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. It is available in short and long overall lengths. The HB shank type ensures secure clamping and high process security. This tool also boasts a corner radius that has been specially adapted for milling keyways.

Features & benefits of the MonsterMill PCR product line!

  • Optimum chip clearance during ramping and drilling: the special core geometry ensures optimum chip evacuation and prevents chip jams
  • Extremely quiet running during HPC milling: the irregular pitch of the cutting edges and irregular helix angle counteract vibrations to ensure a stable and precise machining process
  • High feed rates thanks to four cutting edges delivers maximum performance and reduces machining times
  • Vibration-free ramping and drilling: the special, patented centring tip ensures maximum precision
  • Latest coating technology guarantees maximum tool life
  • Cutting length of up to 3xDC ensures highest productivity and economic efficiency



The MonsterMill PCR-UNI is setting completely new standards in milling thanks to its wide range of applications, including ramping, plunging and milling.
Michael Wucher, Productmanager Milling

Machining using the MonsterMill PCR

  • Quick centring for drilling holes in angled surfaces
  • Simple procedure through guide boring (drilling process)
  • Special centring tip for guiding the drill

Conventional machining

  • Helical milling of a guide hole
  • Ramping angle (usually 3°)

With the PCR, you can increase the ramping angle up to 25°, increasing efficiency in the process

Completed hole

100 holes Ø 10 
Conventional: 25 min. 
PCR: 8 min. 

The MonsterMill PCR dramatically reduces machining times compared to conventional tools!

Machining processes possible with the MonsterMill PCR-UNI & MonsterMill PCR-ALU

Ramping and helical milling

High ramping and helix angle

  • Penetrates the material quickly
  • Process-secure ramping at high angles of up to 45°
  • Quick creation of circular pockets with high helical widths of cut


  • High feed rates when drilling with a 4-fluted tool
  • Drilling up to 1xD
  • Quick penetration to working depth

Slot and profile milling

  • High performance 4-fluted HPC milling cutter 
  • Full slot milling with high chip removal
  • Profiling using a 4-fluted tool for high feed rates

Smart Manufacturing: Save 90% process time

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