S-Cut SC-Uni

The milling cutter for extra long tool life

Strong geometry for soft cuts

Its innovative, technically sophisticated geometry make the S-Cut SC-Uni an undisputed leader in its class that puts comparable HPC milling cutters in the shade when it comes to quiet running and tool life. Its S-curve on the cutting edges and the extremely irregular pitch counteract process vibrations and prevent chatter on the component. This leads to increased process stability and improves the surface quality on the workpiece.

INNOVATIVE GEOMETRY - already registered for patent

The advanced geometry gives you the following benefits: 

  • Longer tool life  
    Reduced vibrations due to the S-shaped cutting edge geometry.
  • Enormous process security 
    The extremely irregular pitch of the cutting edges prevents harmonic vibration and keeps processes stable.
  • Highly cost-effective
    The innovative geometry permits greater feed rates and reduces machining times.
  • Low power consumption 
    Due to the soft cutting properties, optimal use is made of the spindle output and less stress is placed on the spindle.

Useful properties:

  • Shank with HB surface
    for secure clamping
  • Universal application
    The S-Cut SC-Uni offers maximum performance when machining steel and stainless steel materials.
S-curve of the cutting edge geometry
(third-degree polynomial) Vibration-damping effect due to constant angle variation at the point of engagement
  • Soft exit due to larger angle
  • Steep angle in the middle area, therefore reduced contact surface for lower cutting forces
  • Soft cut due to larger angle