High Dynamic Turning & FreeTurn

Roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning, all with just one tool

With our newly developed turning process High Dynamic Turning, HDT for short, and the dynamic FreeTurn turning tools, we are turning the conventional method of turning completely on its head. All familiar turning operations such as roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning can now be completed using just one tool.

The conventional turning processes used until now require a separate tool for every contour. This results in enormous tool costs and long tool changeover times. With High Dynamic Turning (HDT), the dynamic FreeTurn tool utilises the all-round level of freedom provided by the milling spindle. The cutting edge can be changed through rotation about the tool axis. The advantages for you are significant savings on tools and their changeover times.

FreeTurn tool – one indexable insert for multiple turning operations

Just like a Monoblock tool, our FreeTurn features a slim shank and a screwed-on indexable insert. 

The FreeTurn indexable insert can consist of several different cutting edges. Individual point angles, corner radii, chip breakers, coatings and cutting materials can be combined on a single insert as required. The highlight: different turning operations can be performed using just one tool.

  • Complete turning with a single tool
  • Huge savings on tool types
  • Significant savings on tool changeover times
  • Indexable inserts with up to three ISO geometries can be used on one holder
  • An indexable insert with multiple cutting edges can consist of different point angles, corner radii, chip breakers, coatings and cutting materials and can be customised for use

Turning in all planes with variable approach angles

Positioning of the FreeTurn tool about various axes, e.g. the milling spindle, makes machining possible from all sides. In addition, the approach angle can also be adjusted during machining, which not only enables dynamic machining of almost any part contour in all directions, but also adjustable feed rates and perfect chip control. 

  • Approach angle can be changed during machining 
  • Adjustable feed rates
  • Perfect chip control
  • Dynamic turning in all directions
  • Pull and push cut
Change angle during the machining process
Comparison between conventional turning and HDT FreeTurn

Process optimisation through increased stability


Unlike with conventional turning, the main force occurring (cutting force Fz) is directed through the tool into the spindle and not into the holder. This guarantees optimised force distribution and reduced downtime

HDT & FreeTurn cuts your machining time by up to 25%

See for yourself. The video shows a direct comparison between conventional turning and turning with HDT & FreeTurn.
The result: FreeTurn cuts machining time by 25%


The advantages at a glance

  • Almost all workpiece contours can be machined
  • 40% higher feed rate values
  • Up to 90% fewer empty tool paths
  • Adjustable feed rates during the process
  • Improved surface quality thanks to ideal adjustment
  • The versatility of the FreeTurn means fewer tool changes
  • Fewer tool locations in the machine


Do you want to equip your production process with the innovative High Dynamic Turning technology?
There are more and more alternatives to make your process more cost-effective with our FreeTurn tools.
We are continuously working with CAM and machine manufacturers to develop safe and simple programming methods.
In the meantime, there are some providers who can help you with your project.

Product overview – FreeTurn indexable insert and holder

Depending on the application, different indexable inserts and holders are available ex stock.

Technical advice

Are you interested in High Dynamic Turning (HDT) and FreeTurn and would like further information or advice? Then get in touch!

Multiple international awards

Our innovative HDT turning process and the new FreeTurn tool have received many international awards and prizes, including the following:

  • Ringier Technology Innovation Award
  • Best of Industry Award
  • Gold Medal at Brno trade fair
  • Maschinenmarkt Award
  • AMB Award
  • INTEC Prize
Best of Industry Award
Ringier Technology Innovation Award
Maschinenmarkt Award