Technical training - Practical machining knowledge

Comprehensive machining knowledge and practical know-how make all the difference to our customer support and consultancy services. We are happy to share our tried-and-tested machining knowledge with you in our training courses! Take advantage of our range of technical training courses to learn how you can work more economically and more productively.

The focus of our seminars is on increasing your productivity and enabling you to gain an economical advantage over your competitors. We show you how best to use tools and which geometry and grade is ideal for which material. Participants learn how to maximise the service life of tools and which machining strategies can be used to significantly increase tool lives. In technology-focused training sessions, our experts provide valuable tips on machining special materials or special applications and explain how you can achieve maximum quality and total process security for your individual applications.

Be it basic training via e-learning or technology-focused face-to-face workshops for experts, we have something for everyone when it comes to machining training.

Here you will find our e-learning courses and online seminars

E-learning on demand

Our interactive e-learning courses can be accessed at any time completely free of charge.

Face-to-face training courses

Be it face-to-face training courses on basic topics or in-depth training, in addition to teaching the necessary theory, we also get the chips flying! Practical examples on the machine form part of all our face-to-face training courses.

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