Machining engines

Supply of fresh air to the engine and removal of combustion gases

The heart of the engine where all components work in harmony

Transmits the piston force to the crankshaft


1. Cylinder head machining
A head start for machine operators and tools

Whether they're made from cast iron or high-strength aluminium, producing cylinder heads for trucks is a demanding task for machine operators and tools alike. The intake and exhaust ports, relief valves and other complex structures require highly precise tool systems that can also withstand the material requirements for as long as possible. The sophisticated solutions from CERATIZIT ensure you keep your head in spite of these challenges.

1. Valve seat/valve guide tool

Finishing the blind hole of the valve seat and valve guide with a single tool

  • Solid carbide reamer for guide blind hole clamped in hydraulic adapter
  • Indexable insert cutting ring centred and clamped by hydraulic external clamping
  • Highly precise tangential indexable inserts for easily changing the indexable inserts/cutting edges

2. Injector tool

Finishing the injector holes with highly precise tangential indexable inserts

  • Indexable inserts are not assigned to a specific position – can be freely positioned due to maximum grinding precision
  • Cost per part saving of up to 40%
  • Can be used in all cast materials due to specially tailored geometry and coating
  • Easy-to-use compensation holder to correct runout

3. Water plug tool

Counterboring/finishing the water plug holes

  • All indexable inserts feature tangential technology
  • Combination of roughing and finish machining in one tool
  • Insert seats pre-tuned for finishing stage to make it quick and easy to change the indexable inserts


2. Connecting rod machining
The connecting piece between the piston and crankshaft: the connecting rod

Connecting rods are the marathon runners of engines. They are continuously exposed to tension, pressure, bending and torsion, which is why microalloyed or carbon-manganese steels are usually used to relieve the stress. To ensure this pressure is not transferred to the machine operator, highly efficient, high-performance tool systems from CERATIZIT are sure to alleviate the strain.

1. Snap-on tool for the big end

Combination of semi finish and finish in one tool

  • Precise adjustment of the length and diameter of all short clamping holders
  • Forward semi finish with Zeff=4
  • Reverse finish with Z=1
  • Can be controlled using a membrane head

2. Counterboring tool

Counterboring the big and small end with a single tool

  • Two-step special boring bar
  • SOEX indexable inserts for maximum performance even in challenging steels
  • Step for small end Z=2
  • Step for big end Z=3

3. Multi-purpose boring bar

Semi-finishing the big and small end with a single tool

  • Large selection of standard indexable inserts
  • Precise adjustment of the length and diameter of all short clamping holders
  • Saves on tool changeover time
  • Small end Z= 2
  • Big end Z= 3


3. Crankcase machining
Precise work on large engines

To ensure both the tool life and precision can keep up, for example when machining the cylinder and crankshaft bores, the time is ripe for mechatronic slide tools and multiple-spindle boring bars. Thanks to CERATIZIT's expertise and continuous development work, you can keep your production line running.

1. Face milling cutter

Face milling with extremely high cutting values

  • Special base body based on the A273 milling system
  • Octagonal indexable inserts with specially selected coatings and substrates to guarantee maximum performance
  • Extremely stable wedge clamping ensures the indexable inserts are seated perfectly even with the highest cutting forces

2. Cylinder bore tool

Mechatronic slide tool

  • Finishing the cylinder liner hole – diameter can be set on the CNC control
  • Machining the sealing ring grooves – diameter can
    be set on the CNC control
  • Adjustable vibration damper
  • "Best-in-class" tool

3. Crankshaft tool

Line boring bar for perfect diameter and alignment

  • Semi and finish diameters on one boring bar guarantee the ideal geometric and positional tolerances
  • Easy-to-adjust short clamping holder
  • Floating holder on the machine side for easily correcting pre-machining alignment errors
  • "Best-in-class" tool