Packaging information for filling our boxes correctly

1. Choose the appropriate transport box

  • Standard box: small regrinding box
    300x200x140 cm
  • Large regrinding box: for extra-long tools (such as WTX deep hole drills)
    600x400x140 cm

2. Fill transport box so that the contents are secure

Please do not forget the delivery note!

↴ Download the appropriate form.

3. Ready transport box for dispatch

Attach the enclosed shipping label to the lid and your box is ready for dispatch!

Important information

  • Please place the tools in the individual compartments in our regrinding boxes.
  • You are welcome to place the tools in the compartments in their original packaging. That way, your tools will be optimally protected for transportation.
  • It is best to use a second box – the tools may be damaged during transport if boxes are overfilled. 
  • Please use our form to order an additional box.