Webinar High Dynamic Turning with FreeTurn

Roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning, all with just one tool

With our newly-developed turning process High Dynamic Turning, HDT for short, and the dynamic FreeTurn turning tools, we are turning the conventional method of turning completely on its head. All familiar turning operations such as roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning can now be completed using just one tool.

How does this work?
For an answer on this and other questions, please register to our webinar.

Date | Time to be announced soon

Patrick Zobl
Project leader – FreeTurn

Agenda of the webinar:

  • Function of HDT with FreeTurn
  • Advantages of the flexibility with FreeTurn
  • Programming of FreeTurn
  • Requirements of the machine
  • Live Q&A Session

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