Webinar about Sustainable machining

Solutions for future-oriented and economical metalworking

Combining economic machining with the aspect of sustainability - many people think that this is not possible. However, we show that it is definitely possible using some of our tool solutions and machining strategies. 

Steffen Baur
Head of Product Management & Technical Management Lead

Agenda of the webinar:

1. FreeTurn – innovative tooling

Our revolutionary High Dynamic Turning (HDT) process with FreeTurn tools from CERATIZIT is a prime example of sustainable machining. With the help of the milling spindle, HDT uses 360° of rotation to adjust the cutting angle of the dynamic tool in any position in relation to a workpiece. This means that roughing, finishing, contour turning, face turning, and longitudinal turning are all possible with just one FreeTurn tool.

Are you wondering how this works? Our expert will show you in this webinar.

2. MultiLock – the tool manufacturing

Our most recent tool development has also been dedicated to the aspect of sustainability. With the exchangeable head system, which has patented interface technology, the use of primary resources is kept to a minimum. Cutting professionals who place value on resource-saving metal machining also choose the exchangeable head system because it can replace the comparatively expensive solid carbide end mills in many applications.

Save money and work effectively at the same time? We will give you the answers in this webinar. 

3. Trochoidal turning – a new machining strategy

This webinar will also show you how you can manufacture more economically with one and the same tool, but with an adapted machining strategy, while saving time and reducing your energy consumption. Benefit from the know-how of our expert, who will be happy to share his knowledge with you and thus give you a decisive competitive advantage. 

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