Cutting tools and solutions for the aerospace industry

Reliably machine complex aircraft components made from fibre composites, aluminium as well as titanium or super alloys

Lower fuel consumption, longer range and the highest levels of comfort, plus reduced noise levels and maximum safety: the ideal characteristics of the perfect aircraft. To come as close as possible to this ideal scenario, engineers are turning to the latest materials and going on a structural diet. The secret of their success: making extensive use of lightweight materials such as fibre composites, aluminium as well as titanium and super alloys. However, these materials are extremely demanding when it comes to their machining, which can only be carried out economically using the latest tool and machining concepts.

As one of the leading suppliers of cutting tools and machinery for the manufacture of complex aircraft components, we are a reliable partner to the industry. Our primary objective is to provide high-tech tooling solutions for the machining of the carbon-fibre reinforced outer fuselage skin and all structural components, together with system solutions for highly complex engine parts.

Structural components

We deploy powerful tooling solutions to achieve outstanding parameters in the machining of engine mounts, frames and wing ribs. Due to their high material removal rates, these solutions keep costs down and use the latest cutting material grades to achieve very long tool lives and fast processes.

→ Thin walled aluminium structures made from solid or forged blanks

→ Connection component between the aircraft structure and engine

→ Titanium structures in parts of the wing or fuselage, made from solid or forged blanks

Aircraft engine

Turbines provide the thrust required for the aerospace industry. They are constantly being asked to provide more power yet at the same time conserve resources. The same applies to the cutting tools, so we are now delivering solutions that enable even the most innovative materials to be machined to the highest levels of accuracy, quality and efficiency.

→ Housing of the cold part of the aircraft engine (fan). Typical material: titanium

→ Blade integrated disc made from titanium or super alloys

→ Housing of the hot part of the aircraft engine. Typical material: Inconel718

→ Blades made from titanium or super alloys in the hot and cold part of the engine

Landing gear

Because of their rigidity, high-alloy steels and titanium materials are frequently found in landing gear. In our role as a complete provider, and to ensure every operation ends as planned, we are able to extend to you a vast range of tooling solutions for turning, milling and drilling applications, not to mention a selection of controllable tools.

→ Largest part of the landing gear, preferred material: 300M

→ Supporting element on the landing gear, preferred material: titanium


Even the most modern aircraft assembly line contains elements of manufacturing. In order to optimally map the diverse material combinations and  production steps, we design individual solutions that are tailored to each process step in terms of carbide, geometry and coating and are reproducible at any time. This enables us to guide you safely through all that machining turbulence.

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Special tools & semi-standard tools

We test many tool features and adapt them to your machining requirements. You therefore receive a tool which perfectly covers the conditions of your process. Whether it's design, cutting edge geometry or coatings – every tool is individually designed for you and made in our factory to strict quality guidelines. 

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Solutions for efficient machining processes

From expert advice and detailed project development to smooth implementation, our project engineering service will provide you with the ideal solution to meet your specific needs. Let our interdisciplinary expert team implement a customised solution for your projects.

Full process control with ToolScope

Our ToolScope monitoring and control system sets the course for the digital future of machining. The system continuously records signals from the machine during the production process and monitors factors such as tool wear. This guarantees maximum process control.

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