Aluminium wheel machining

Turning and drilling aluminium wheels

The machining of aluminium wheels requires high cutting speeds and extremely hard cutting materials. Robust tools are needed to withstand the enormous centrifugal forces that arise at high speeds. 
We have decades of knowledge and experience in this segment and have consistently expanded and optimised our range of tools and indexable inserts. We are now full-service providers: We are able to offer the optimal tool for every process involved in the production of aluminium wheels – from machining the internal and external profiles through to the valve and screw hole bores. Today, our tools are used to machine around 50 percent of all aluminium wheels found on cars, motorbikes, HGVs and even aeroplanes.

1. OvalFlex

Turning for internal and mounting surface machining

  • A modular tool system tailor-made for complete machining of aluminium wheels
  • Maximum stability thanks to backlash-free interface, oval and conical design and sturdy X32 insert
  • Reduced stock requirements due to large standard range
  • Excellent repeatability during tool head changeover

2. Shank tool system

Turning the external profile

  • Excellent surface quality and process security
  • Identical positioning thanks to standardisation
  • Optimum designs thanks to FEM calculations

3. HubStar

Hub machining

  • Excellent time savings (up to 50% per wheel)
  • Maximum stability thanks to oval and conical design
  • Reduced stock requirements (no need for complex special-purpose tools)
  • Maximum application reliability and efficiency