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C-CLAMP 2.0 – double tool

  • All the advantages of the C-Clamp 2.0 clamping system
  • Cycle time savings thanks to simultaneous machining
  • Simultaneous machining of the braking surface and mounting surface reduces cycle time and magazine positions
  • Specially for "W" indexable inserts

Ceramic CX24 grooving system

  • Efficient, process-secure, flexible
  • Cutting force is distributed into two components due to installation at an angle
  • Profiling can be carried out with side feed f=0.6 through 110° prism
  • Wedge shape as pull-out protection during reverse profiling
  • Secure attachment even with profile grooving inserts

C-CLAMP 2.0 – clamping system with solid carbide claw

  • Virtually no wear on the claws
  • Maximum feeds and cutting speeds can be achieved
  • Solid hexagon head screw > no more contamination of the TORX® or hexagon socket screw key profiles
  • Larger contact surface > optimised surface pressure
  • 20 Nm tightening torque!