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Boring bar multi-function tool with CBN indexable insert and PCD reamer

  • Up to 8-edged full face CBN fixed indexable insert solution
  • PCD reamer up to Z6 for maximum cutting data (carbide also available)
  • No adjustment required thanks to maximum precision (plug & play)
  • Tool system with micrometre-accuracy for maximum process security and repeatability thanks to a special hydraulic clamping system
  • Modular tool structure of standard and semi-standard components (DAH holder, hydraulic adapter, tool holder sleeve, reamer)
  • Runout and angle can be finely re-adjusted on the machine spindle thanks to DAH

Milling cutter with suction

  • Uncompromising roughing up to an ap of 8 mm
  • PCD-equipped indexable inserts, robust and yet smooth cutting
  • Extremely long service life above the usual market standard
  • No adjustment required (plug & play)
  • Modular structure of standard components (face mill, indexable insert, milling adapter)
  • Ø 50 mm – Ø 315 mm

PCD counterboring tool

  • 3D-printed chip spoiler for diverting the coolant to the chip and removing chips from the hole
  • PCD with three edges for maximum efficiency
  • Process-secure machining of core plug holes