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Fuel rail machining

Take the pressure off: High-end machining for short process cycles

1. Over turning and countersinking the fuel line connection

Multi-purpose over turning tool

  • Three-edged, smooth cutting indexable insert
  • Turning, face milling and countersinking with just one tool
  • Fewer tool changes
  • Long service life and high efficiency thanks to multi-purpose solution

2. External thread milling on the pressure pipe connections

Thread milling tool

  • Reduction in the machining time through 4 thread profile indexable inserts
  • High tool stability enables high cutting speeds and therefore shortens the process time
  • Indexable insert can be quickly changed with no adjustment required (Plug & Play)
  • Very short, manageable chips
  • Perfect cutting edge cooling thanks to thro' coolant supply, resulting in a longer service life
  • Thread profile indexable inserts can be reground

3. Thread milling the connection thread

MGF HPC thread milling cutter

  • Process-secure thread milling with accurate repeatability
  • Reduction in the process time compared to conventional threading
  • Eight cutting edges for maximum cutting speeds and efficiency
  • Thread depth down to the bottom of the hole possible
  • The same tool can be used on different materials (steel up to a tensile strength of 1,200 N/mm², stainless steels, cast iron materials, titanium alloys)
  • Very short, manageable chips
  • M4 – M20 available in 1.5xD and 2xD from stock
  • M4x0.5 – M16x1.5 available in 1.5xD and 2xD from stock