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Get our CTCP115, CTCP125 and CTCP135 inserts at an absolutely special price!

Valid from 27 January - 16 February

Our CTCP115, CTCP125 and CTCP135 inserts are the first choice for turning applications in steel. Get the inserts now for a special price with up to 50% discount!

Grade CTCP115 - The wear-resistant high-performance grade with stable conditions and steady cutting

  • Carbide, TiCN-Al2O3 coated
  • ISO | P15 | M10 | K25

Sorte CTCP125 - Grade CTCP125 - The first choice for universal machining of steels

  • Carbide, TiCN-Al2O3 coated
  • ISO | P25 | M20 | K30

Grade CTCP135 - The tough alternative for heavily interrupted cuts and unstable conditions

  • Carbide, TiCN-Al2O3 coated
  • ISO | P35 | M25 | S25

Negative inserts -F

Negative inserts -M

Negative inserts -R

Positive inserts -F

Positive inserts -M