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1. Clean the exchangeable drill holder and exchangeable drill head using compressed air.

2. Place the exchangeable drill head onto the exchangeable drill holder. 

3. Check whether the chip flute and tooth profile on the exchangeable drill head and exchangeable drill holder line up. If they do not, turn the exchangeable drill head until the chip flute and tooth profile line up.

4. Turn counter clockwise to clamp the head!

 Diameter range mm            Thread  Torx size   Torque Nm
 Holder   Exchangeable head 
14.0 – 17.49 M3.5x0.6 M2.5x0.5 T7 0.7
17.5 – 19.49 M4x0.7 M3x0.5 T8 1.3
19.5 – 24.49  M5x0.8 M3.5x0.6 T10 20
24.5 – 28.49 M6x1.0 M4x0.7 T15 3.1
28.5 – 32.0 M6x1.0 M5x0.8 T15 5.6

It is recommended to use the appropriate torque key; however, tightening the connection by hand is also sufficient.