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HSS-E-PM for even better performance

The HSS drill range is being expanded with the addition of new drills made from powder-metallurgically-manufactured HSS.

  • HSS-E-PM drill 
  • High cutting edge stability and robust drill design thanks to the relief grind 
  •  Particularly well-suited to machining higher-alloy and higher-strength steels and materials 
  •  High process security thanks to the uniform microstructure of the PM-HSS steel 
  •  Maximum heat and wear resistance thanks to HSS-E-PM cutting material and TiN coating

Universal PVD-TiN coating. This all-round grade is suitable for low and medium cutting speeds with limitations for non-ferrous metals.

Application range of HSS-E-PM drills

The new HSS-E-PM drills fill the gap between conventional HSS drills and solid carbide drills for machining medium-strength steels or materials and medium batch sizes. 

  1. Tensile strength (N/mm2)
  2. Batch sizes:
    * = samll
    ** = medium
    *** = large
  3. UNI HSS drills
  4. High-performance UNI HSS-E-PM drills
  5. UNI solid carbide WTX drills