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Strategy for the production of deep holes using the solid carbide WTX deep hole drill

1. Producing the pilot hole

  • For the pilot hole, we recommend a WTX drill 3xD/ 5xD with the same nominal diameter
  • The pilot hole should be 0.01–0.03 mm larger in diameter and at least 3xD deep.
  • From a hole depth of 40xD and 50xD, we recommend a pilot hole of 12xD with our WTX Quattro 4F.

2. Moving the deep hole drill into the pilot hole

  • Move the WTX deep hole drill without coolant pressure and with reduced speed (n = 200–300 rpm) into the pilot hole at a feed of vf = 1000 mm/min
  • Approx. 2 mm before reaching the bottom of the hole (end of the pilot hole), stop the feed, switch on the coolant and wait for a short time until the recommended pressure is reached

3. Drill to the desired hole depth, without chip removal cycle

  • Reduce the feed by 50 % for transverse holes and when exiting the hole

4. Retracting the drill

  • Retract the drill to around the depth of the pilot hole.
  • Reduce the speed incrementally until a slower speed is reached (n = 200–300 rpm).