Additively manufactured MaxiMill – 211-DC indexable insert milling system with optimum coolant supply

The ideal nozzle position for decisive added value when machining heat-resistant materials.

Do you machine high-grade titanium components and super alloys?

Then we understand the daily challenges you face with these tough materials!

Maximum process security despite a high cutting speed is the order of the day – and a cost-effective solution would also be ideal! We offer you all these advantages in a single tool – our 3D-printed MaxiMill – 211-DC indexable insert milling system manufactured here at Ceratizit.

The patented shoulder mill stands out for its decisive added value when machining titanium and other heat-resistant materials, thanks to an optimum DirectCooling supply on the indexable insert flanks.

Because these materials in particular require the most effective possible cooling with emulsion to achieve a good machining result.


Produced with additive manufacturing, the base body of the milling cutter on the MaxiMill – 211-DC opens up scope for the complexity required for flank cooling. This creates the perfect combination of geometric and functional properties – the ideal nozzle position, topped off with an insert geometry that is precisely tailored for cooling – guaranteeing full-coverage wetting of the coolant on the indexable insert cutting surface


The numerous coolant holes inside the tool body are compatible with standard adapters with thro' coolant supply and provide a fast, simple means of ensuring direct cooling.


Thanks to a focused flow of coolant to the flank of the cutting edge, without standard cooling on the chip breaker, the 3D-printed MaxiMill – 211-DC manufactured here at Ceratizit offers the same advantages as using direct cooling for turning tools. This system is primarily used for heat-resistant materials such as titanium.

Test report: Service life [min] compared to standard tools



Machine: GROB G1050
Workpiece: TiAl6V4
Tool: MaxiMill – 211-15 DC (DirectCooling)
Vc: 65 m/min
Ap: 6 mm / ae 18 mm / fz 0.08 mm
Coolant pressure: 80 bar


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