The new ProACT-Mill series of milling cutters increases productivity, while decreasing your PCF

These universal solid carbide milling cutters are manufactured with sustainable carbides and deliver top-notch results thanks to latest performance coating and sophisticated geometry features.

…available starting September 2024!

Anyone involved in machining materials professionally can attest that the best milling cutters are universal and can be used on a wide range of materials. The new ProACT-Mill series from CERATIZIT goes a step further, taking the most-sustainable upGRADE carbide grade currently available, CT-GS20Y, to contribute to a reduced PCF. Plus, it delivers maximum performance thanks to the latest geometry and coating innovations.


99 % secondary raw materials – 100% performance

Do you machine steel, stainless steel or cast materials? If you do, you probably know first-hand how challenging it can be to work efficiently while making constant changes. In fact, to work efficiently you need milling cutters that can be used on a wide range of materials. Introducing ProACT-Mill solid carbide milling cutters, CERATIZIT’s new independent upGRADE product line of universal milling cutters that combines performance with sustainability. ProACT-Mill features the same performance as all-around high-performance milling cutters with our currently most sustainable carbide substrate. Thanks to its certified low PCF, ProACT-Mill gives you an economic and ecological advantage.

Increase your performance AND decrease your PCF – with milling with tools from the ProACT-Mill milling cutter line

  • Universal > suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Sustainable > made from 99% recycled carbide substrate with certified PCF
  • Efficient > new innovative coating & optimized geometry

Monitor sustainability across the entire tool value chain

At CERATIZIT, we believe that sustainability should apply to the entire life cycle of a tool. Thanks to digital applications such as the CERAsmart Cockpit and its ToolCycle module, we can track a tool’s impact on sustainability across its entire life cycle via cutting-edge identifying and tracing tools with specially embedded lasered DMC code. You can even view an individual tool’s regrinding status. Our ReStart regrinding service provides your tools a second life or multiple lives with the original geometries. This helps you limit the resources you need and significantly improve your PCF. “Regrinding, not rebuying" pays off twofold. You can slash nearly half of your tool costs without any drop in performance, while significantly reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. When the day comes that a tool can no longer be reused, the materials, such as cobalt and tungsten, can. By using special recycling processes, we can re-process them into new tools and thus keep these precious raw materials in the lifecycle.

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