CERATIZIT continues to add to customer support and service

The UK & Ireland engineering manufacturing sector remains buoyant and resilient, supporting this is CERATIZIT UK & Ireland which, along with continuing innovation in its product range, has further strengthened the support it provides to customers, both large and small.

During 2022 the focus has been on applications engineering with the state-of-the-art CERATIZIT Technical Centre in Sheffield playing a pivotal role in assisting customers with reducing cycle times and costs in production through innovative ways of fixturing, holding and attacking key customer components. The facility has also been invaluable in providing interactive customer training days, both theoretical and practical, these training days enable customers to implement the latest cutting tool technology and methods in their own machine shops. Having this local Tech Centre capability adds another level of service that we can offer to customers, to assist them as they look to increase efficiency and profitability.

Behind this is CERATIZIT UK & Ireland’s applications sales engineering team, which has increased in size by 50 per cent with 12 engineers available to provide project engineering support across the UK and Ireland. The technical sales team has also been expanded, adding to the wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of machining applications and materials. While these engineers are the public face of CERATIZIT behind the scenes are over 7000 employees worldwide, involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of the 60,000 plus products available from CERATIZIT’s four competence brands of Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, Komet, Klenk and WNT.

New products introduced this year have already made significant impact among customers. These include:

MaxiMill – Slot-SX, the new Grooving, slotting, parting off milling system from CERATIZIT, with through coolant provides the highest levels of process security and optimum performance – even with diameters as large as 250 mm. The result is improved performance and a reduction in scrap parts. By using an existing range of inserts the new MaxiMill – Slot SX has the ability to be used across a wide range of materials covering almost everything under ISO P/M/K/N/S categories. As for toolholders, customers can select from standard DIN connections, threads or shell mill adapters making the cutters compatible with all machining centres, milling and turning machines. Key to the development of MaxiMill – Slot SX is the addition of internal coolant supply up to cutter diameter 250 mm. Control of swarf is vital in these applications meaning through coolant brings significant advantages. Potential damage to cutter or component is eliminated therefore extending tool life, along with time savings gained by not having to manually remove swarf from grooves. These issues are compounded the deeper a slot or part off operation goes. Simple handling is essential to smooth changeovers and here the MaxiMill – Slot SX makes use of Ceratizit’s patented SX Clamping Key the design of which reduces insert change times while ensuring the correct clamping force meaning eliminating the risk of overtightening, stressing or deforming the insert seat, guaranteeing that the insert is secure in a precise and stable position.

Workholding saw the arrival of the updated ZSG 4 centric vice, which retains all of the familiar features of the previous iteration, while significantly raising the bar in regard to user-friendliness and durability. Optimised handling and improved durability were top of the list in the update of the popular ZSG 4 centric vice from CERATIZIT and it now features a stainless steel base body that guarantees a long useful life, while the encapsulated spindle virtually eliminates all maintenance requirements. It's almost impossible for chips or other debris from the machining process to penetrate the inside of the ZSG 4, and any that do are easily removed.

Another plus point regarding handling is the scale that's lasered onto the centric vice. Customers can now see the zero point and centre point at a glance, making it even easier for them to position their workpiece centrally. A laser engraved QR code also gives users direct access to help videos and operating instructions via their smartphones or tablets. Regardless of what material it's being asked to clamp – from plastic or aluminium to hardened materials (up to HRC 58) – the ZSG 4 has just the right grip. No additional work steps, such as pre-stamping, are necessary. "With high clamping forces of up to 25kN for the ZSG 4 80 mm, 35kN for the ZSG 4 125 mm and 50kN for the ZSG 4 160 mm. Our Sheffield Tech Centre based projects team are able to develop, design and machine bespoke solutions incorporating the ZSG4 system that further increase productivity and profitability for our customers.

A bespoke ZSG4 solution developed in our Sheffield Tech Centre for a specific customer requirement.

The new Ceartizit UK & Ireland Technical Centre

MaxiMill – Slot-SX: CERATIZIT extends its portfolio with a range of new slot milling tools.