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The new ABS represents the latest technological advance in adapter systems. Due to the patented changes, the clamping force has increased by approx. 20 %. This means  improved force transmission with the corresponding effects on the machining result. During operation, the new ABS connections are quieter and higher cutting speeds can be achieved. By implication, this also means a reduced tightening torque for the same clamping force. This makes the tool life of the installation parts longer. Full system compatibility means that existing and new components can be combined as and when required.

  1. Taper screw
  2. Pendulum bolt
  3. Clamping screw
  4. Coolant pipe
  5. Positioning pin
  • Improved force transmission
  • Optimum machining result
  • Higher cutting speeds possible
  •  Less noise pollution during production
  • System fully compatible upwards and downwards
  • Suitable for ABS, ABS‐N and ABS‐T

The ABS interface is a modular coupling system which, thanks to higher force transmission, lower noise generation and a shorter overhang length, offers many benefits that increase performance. 

  • Adjustment of the diameter in a radial direction so that the centre height is maintained
  • Precise adjustment using micrometric adjusting spindle
  • Max. adjustment range of diameter is 3 mm
  • Graduation of scale: 1 line = 0.02 mm in diameter
  • Stable fixing thanks to four axial clamping screws
  • Adapter required