CERASmart ToolPaths - Fast and Simple Tool Paths for HDT with FreeTurn Tools

Our software application to generate NC codes customized for machining strategies like HDT for FreeTurn tools.


  • Can be installed on a computer or directly in a machine control unit
    Can impot complex component models (DXF)
  • Allows dialog based programming and generation of standard NC codes for machines regardless of component complexity
  • Allows the dynamic cutting angle adjustment for the tool paths along the component contour
  • CERATIZIT tool data is pre-defined in the software
  • Optical simulation and optimization of tool paths and movements avaliable in the software
  • Does Not require 5 Axis option normally needed for simultaneous turning


  • Designed and optimized specifically for taking full advantage of HDT with FreeTurn tools (as well as additonal CERATIZIT tooling solutions)
  • Allows shop floor programming without CAM
  • Integrates smoothly without interrupting existing programming processes
  • Collision avoidance via the simulation and optimization capabilities
  • Minmal investment when compared to a full CAM soloution

Download the software and try it out

1. First steps and general setup

2. Basic functions shown for facing operation and static roughing

3. Roughing strategies (static/dynamic)

4. Finishing and NC output