Machining the fan case

Cutting tools for machining aircraft engine housings

The dimensions of modern turbofan engines and their turbo fans are impressive. As are the challenges in machining the ring-shaped fan cases, which form the casing for the largest turbine blades of the entire engine. The highest possible levels of rigidity and uncompromising safety are the number one priority, which is why fan cases are also made from titanium.

Anyone concerned with process security and productivity and with a focus on efficiency and surface quality will no doubt already have out tool portfolio on their radar.

1. RCMT button insert

Finishing and pre-finishing the external and internal contour of the titanium housing

  • Specially adapted ‘-24’ geometry for the copy turning of titanium
  • Uncoated fine grain grade H216T
  • High temperature and wear resistance

2. WTX-Ti solid carbide drill

Drilling of heat-resistant alloys

  • Improved geometry and core diameter for maximum process security
  • Unique performance due to the new high-end double coating system
  • Stabilisation chamfer on the cutting edge for greater tool stability

Practical example of an RCMT button insert

Aircraft engine housing

  • Indexable insert: RCMT 1606MOTN-24 H216T
  • Material: premachined TiAl6V4, Ø3000 mm
  • External and internal copy turning, grooving
  • Finishing and pre-finishing
  • High pressure cooling (150 bar)
Cutting data CERATIZIT Competition
Vc [m/min] 80 70
n [min-1] 8.5 6.8
f [mm/U] 0.52 0.42
ap [mm] 3.5 3.5
Emulsion Yes Yes
Q [cm3/min] 145 94
Tool life [min] 52 min