Precise adjustment of tool holders

Adjustable holders

Non-adjustable holders

Assembly device for pre-adjustment of a tool holder

The roundness and diameter tolerance of the bright steel bars produced depends heavily on the accuracy of the tool holder set. For this reason, during the production of bars to precise ISO tolerance grades, in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance of the peeling holder, it is essential to subject this to external tool adjustment before insertion in the peeling head:

For precise pre-adjustment of the lengths of a tool holder set, the dial gauge at the ground support chamfer must be positioned as accurately as possible in the centre of the secondary cutting edge. To exclude measurement differences, the point of contact on the adjustable wedge must also be selected at the same point on each tool set. This guarantees that all indexable insert cutting edges of a holder set (usually 4 to 8 holders) work on the same circumference and the desired roundness and surface roughness are produced on the bar.