Tool holders, cartridges & spare parts for bar peeling

Countless different machine brands and versions are on the market, meaning that there is also a great deal of choice when it comes to tool holders and cartridges. We have cartridges and tool holders for more frequently used types on the market available in stock as standard items in our online shop. We also supply other machine-specific cartridges and holders on request.

Overview of cartridge systems

Based on the required material removal rate of the machine, different cartridge systems are used - from the SINGLE system through to the TANDEM system and TRIO system. The increase in the number of indexable inserts in the cartridge means that the overall cutting depth is distributed across different individual cutting depths, reducing the load per cutting insert and maximising the tool life of the entire system as a result.

SINGLE cartridge system

  • For light to medium machining
  • Low depth of cut up to max. ap = 2.0 mm

TANDEM cartridge system

  • For roughing and medium machining
  • Depth of cut ap = 5.0 + 1.5 mm = 6.5 mm

TRIO cartridge system

  • For rough machining with maximum chip volume
  • Depth of cut ap = 5.0 + 3.5 + 1.5 mm = 10 mm and more

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Custom machine-specific tool holders

You can also order your machine-specific tool holders and/or cartridge variants from us.

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