GreenTeam & CERATIZIT - Back on top of the world with a new e-racing car? The video series on the success story

In 2023, the GreenTeam from the University of Stuttgart returned to Formula Student with a new version of their e-car. In a change from previous years, even more titanium components were installed to save weight this time round – allowing the team to race towards another defence of the world championship title. CERATIZIT supported the GreenTeam again this season with its tooling and machining expertise. 

In our short video series, we give you a fascinating look behind the scenes of the project. You can look forward to special insights into the students' construction tables, powerful emotions, impressive shots, exciting races, major challenges but also great teamwork towards the common goal: to support the GreenTeam in defending its top spot in the world rankings. Will they succeed again this time?

The video series on the success story

Episode 1 – How 120 hours a week was invested in building a racing car

After a successful project in 2022, there was no question that we would once again be sponsoring and partnering with the GreenTeam from the University of Stuttgart this year. 
The requirements this year were even more challenging than before, especially since titanium was being used for the first time. You can look forward to exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, unconditional teamwork, impressive machining and major challenges.

Episode 2 - Machining 3D-printed titanium for the aerospace industry

In this episode, we show you how a complex project like this is coordinated between teams based in several countries. The components produced through additive manufacturing were machined at the Technical Centers in Kempten and Sheffield, while the development and know-how originated from Besigheim.

Episode 3 - The race and how even experts surpass themselves

The time has come! After all the challenges and struggles experienced in development and preparation, it's finally time to hit the track. The car was running superbly until an unexpected incident occurred...

Stories in pictures: impressions from a success story

Seen enough? You can now also listen to our podcast on the topic

Episode #1

The first episode delves into why exactly the wheel carrier was a particular challenge, why three Technical Centers in three different countries were involved and how to clamp the extremely thin-walled motor housing.

Episode #2

We discuss the disciplines covered in the races and why precise machining of the components is absolutely critical for the race car.

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