Drills, reamers and spindle tools

High-precision drilling, reaming, countersinking and boring is our speciality. With a diverse range of drilling tools and our in-depth knowledge of bore machining, we always have the perfect solution for your requirements.

HSS drills

Our range of HSS drilling tools leaves no user without options. We stock twist drills with diameters from 0.15 mm, centre drilling, stepped drilling and counterboring tools with different coatings for universal application in all common lengths and diameter ratios.

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Solid carbide drills

Our solid carbide high-performance drilling tools are the first choice for achieving outstanding performance in the drilling process. In addition to long service life, these tools stand out due to their versatility, reliable chip evacuation and excellent self-centring. We also supply special tools for all material groups and to minimise machining time.

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Indexable insert drills

Exceptionally cost-effective and efficient: our indexable insert drills achieve the very best results when machining large bore diameters. High cutting data, maximum chip volumes and universal application options increase your productivity many times over.

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Reamers and countersinks

Our comprehensive product range includes reamers and countersinks that are suitable for universal application in all materials. From standard products to high-performance tools for customers with exacting requirements in terms of radial run-out accuracy, our product range is sure to have the ideal tool for your application.

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Spindle tools

We recommend our spindle tools for hole production with demanding requirements on dimensional and positional accuracy. As experts in efficient bore machining, we can offer a wide range of spindle tools of the highest quality.

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