MaxiMill 491

Double-sided 90° shoulder milling system

With 8 usable cutting edges per indexable insert, a precise 90° profile on the workpiece and a durable, nickel-plated base body, the MaxiMill 491 shoulder milling system is absolutely unique in the WNT product range and guarantees maximum performance with maximum cost-effectiveness. A new 9 mm system size is the perfect complement to the existing selection.

The MaxiMill 491 was initially launched as a 12 mm system with a nominal diameter range of 32-160 mm and a corner radius of 0.8 mm.

Tool holders are available for face mills, end mills and screw-in cutters. F-M-R chip breakers combined with the latest DRAGONSKIN grades are suitable for a diverse range of material applications, including: steel, cast iron, stainless steel (ISO P-M-K) and aluminium.

We have already expanded the corner radii in the product range to cover 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm. With 9 mm indexable inserts we have now enlarged the system range and can offer even more application flexibility. This smaller size allows more indexable inserts to be attached to the tool holders, which in turn delivers a longer tool life and higher chip removal rates. Furthermore, power consumption can be slashed while still using the same tool.


  • Extremely high chip removal rate
  • Maximum tool life
  • 8 usable cutting edges per indexable insert at precisely 90°
  • Maximum feed rate
  • Soft cut due to positive chip breakers
  • Low power consumption
  • Universal application in different materials