DiMaP 2.0 presented current trends from research and industry | 16th to 19th March 2021

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🎬 ToolScope & spike®_mobile | Digital monitoring for your production → watch now!

🎬 LiveTechPro Instant technical support → watch now!

🎬 Closed-Loop System KOMflex | Spindle Head→ watch now!

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ToolScope & spike®_mobile | Digital monitoring for your production

CERATIZIT has long been a frontrunner when it comes to the digital future of machining with the ToolScope monitoring and control system, among other things. This continuously records signals output from the machine tool during the production process, visualises this data and delivers important information regarding process control, documentation and machine protection. The spike®_mobile sensor system, for example, delivers excellent performance in this regard. Developed by pro-micron GmbH, the experts in wireless sensor systems, the intelligent adapter measures the direct forces on the tool. A presentation involving a demonstration will explain how spike®_mobile and ToolScope guarantee process monitoring down to the smallest detail during milling, drilling and turning. Watch now.

LiveTechPro | Instant technical support

Comprehensive service is in CERATIZIT's DNA. However, how can this work when pandemic-related restrictions make on-site support difficult or impossible? This is where the new LiveTechPro app comes in. Should support be needed, the respective application engineer can be contacted directly to provide assistance, as though they were at the customer's premises. Video communication on a smartphone or tablet allows details to be highlighted and discussed, and problems therefore resolved as quickly as possible. Even a connection to Virtual Reality (VR) systems is possible. Watch now.

Closed-Loop System KOMflex | Spindle Head

μm-precise machining in unmanned, closed-loop operation? For those concerned with precision, the presentation on the KOMflex precision spindle from CERATIZIT should provide reassurance: the intelligent system communicates via a BLUM RC66 wireless interface with BLUM measuring stylus and enables automatic diameter correction for precision holes. This reduces production times considerably and enables extremely precise and, at the same time, affordable machining of workpieces. Watch now.