Small but mighty: ZSG mini centric vice from CERATIZIT packs a punch

Press release: July 2021

For those who have tried them, there's no turning back: centric vices are the little helpers that often make day-to-day machining activities much easier. Extending this benefit to particularly small and delicate workpieces, CERATIZIT is adding the ZSG mini vice for small parts to its portfolio. 

The demand for small parts remains high: whether in electronics, medical technology or the watchmaking industry, they are what machining businesses do every day of the week – with all the drawbacks and challenges that go with it. Having a solid basis in the form of a highly precise and flexible clamping system. Available from July 2021,The ZSG mini centric vice for small parts in the WNT Performance series from CERATIZIT does just that while improving process security and quality-critical steps in the process.

A thrilling investment without the risk

Fixed connections are particularly important for vices when machining small parts, mainly due to extremely tight tolerances that are required. "There are various ways to achieve this. For example, it's possible to pre-stamp the workpiece using a special machine prior to actual clamping and create a positive mechanical connection using the negative embossed profile in the jaw. However, this requires a corresponding investment and an upstream process step that we can eliminate with ease with our new ZSG mini. Thanks to its very high clamping force of 16 kN, our approach is simple: clamp, lock, go!" says Christoph Retter, Product Manager Clamping Fixtures at CERATIZIT.

Change jaws – in seconds!

Quick and easy handling is often the deciding factor in the race to minimise non-productive time. Here too the ZSG mini scores highly because it can be easily accessed from all sides, making it ideal for the machining of raw and finished parts, multi-clamping and automated applications. "But what saves an enormous amount of time is the quick change system for the jaws. They can be replaced in a matter of seconds without any tools at all, when in place they are totally secure in the base body thanks to the integrated pull-down action, which is generated via two spring pressure pins, ensuring total machining precision and quality!" explains Christoph Retter.

The ZSG mini centric vices for small parts are available in lengths of 80 mm and 100 mm with quick change jaws in widths of 45 mm and 70 mm – all case-hardened to between 54 and 56 HRC. These are again available in different versions, all hardened, with a smooth step and also in grip variants. "The real highlight here is the fact that all jaws can be used on any ZSG mini. This makes the system extremely flexible," adds Christoph Retter. The stainless base body that is hardened to 45 HRC also promises a long and reliable service life for the clamping system.

Small, strong, robust

Christoph Retter is of the opinion that you should never judge things by their size: "Our ZSG minis might look cute and unremarkable but there's a lot going on behind that stainless steel body. With a clamping force of 16 kN, they really pack a punch but soon relent to allow for a jaw change – to keep non-productive time short and machining relaxed!