CentriClamp ZSG mini | Centric vice

Clamp small parts with 16 kN

Extremely small but incredibly strong. The ZSG mini from the WNT Performance range is the ideal partner for clamping small workpieces.
Once you have used it, you will never want to be without it again: centric vices are little helpers that often make day-to-day machining activities much easier. To allow particularly small and delicate workpieces to also enjoy these benefits, we have added the ZSG mini centric vice for small parts to our portfolio.

Extremely easy handling with quick jaw change!

The jaws can be replaced in a matter of seconds without any tools at all by extracting them at an angle through the centre. The integrated pull-down action via two spring pressure pins means that the jaws sit securely in the base body, ensuring total machining precision and robust connections.

Enjoy these advantages when you opt for a ZSG mini centric vice:

  1. Optimum accessibility
    Quick and straightforward handling significantly reduces setup times. The ZSG mini can be easily accessed from all sides, making it ideal for the machining of blanks and finished parts, multi-clamping and automated applications.
  2. Large clamping range – grip or smooth step
    The centric vices for small parts are available in lengths of 80 mm and 100 mm with quick change jaws in widths of 45 mm and 70 mm – all case-hardened to between 54 and 56 HRC, with smooth step and grip variants.
  3. Stainless, hardened base body
    The stainless base body that is hardened to 45 HRC promises a long and reliable service life for the clamping system.
  4. Fast jaw changeover without tools
    The quick change system means the jaws can be changed in seconds without any tools at all.
  5. High clamping force
    Instead of complex pre-stamping, the ZSG mini delivers very high clamping forces of 16 kN with 50 Nm
  6. Compact design
    The ZSG mini is suitable for a 4-axis and 5-axis indexing head and can be integrated directly in or on the pallet.
Thanks to its very high clamping force of 16 kN, our approach is simple: clamp, lock, go!
CERATIZIT Product Manager, Christoph Retter