CERATIZIT ReStart – our regrinding service for cutting tools

Get more out of your tool!

CERATIZIT is known the world over for its consistently high product quality – and for reliable service that is optimally geared towards customers and products. It goes without saying that this also includes regrinding of tools as – despite the highest quality and tool life – our tools do eventually reach their wear limit sooner or later.

Thanks to our professional regrinding service, with original geometries and coatings, we are able to restore tools almost to their original performance capacity so that they continue to meet all quality parameters to the highest possible standard. The process also extends the tool's life span at the same time, so new purchases make up a substantially lower proportion of your budget.

What tools can be given a ReStart?

  • HSS Drilling
  • Solid Carbide Drilling
  • Solid carbide drill heads
  • Reamers
  • Solide carbide shank thread milling cutter 
  • CBN and PCD cutting inserts
  • HSS Milling Cutters
  • Solid Carbide Milling Cutters
  • MultiChange exchangeable heads

Of course, the prices of our regrinding service are also calculated fairly and transparently – with CERATIZIT's ReStart programme there are no additional charges for cutting off, roughing geometries, etc. The published prices apply irrespective of the condition your tool arrives in. If it is no longer possible to regrind your tool, it will be returned to you unmachined.

How can I find out which tools can be reground?

You can check here to see if your tool can be reground:

Where is our ReStart service available?

Our ReStart service is available in almost all European countries, and we are constantly working to expand this further.

Easy and transparent process

  1. Contact our office or fill out our order form on the website to request a box. We will send directly the CERATIZIT regrind box to you.
  2. You can download the regrind delivery notes on our website. Please do not forget packing the filled delivery note within the box!
  3. A quick phone call is enough to request the pick-up. The filled regrinding box will be collected by UPS on the same day or the next day at the latest. Shipping costs are covered by us.
  4. We will start the process for the original regrinding of your tool. Your tools with the original finish will be sent out to you in the usual box with CERATIZIT Logistik Service.
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What might the regrinding process look like?*

*Example illustration

What benefits can you expect from our ReStart service?

  • Reduction in your production and tool costs
  • Lower warehouse and capital costs
  • Higher availability
  • Reduced turnaround times with optimal productivity and maximum process security

Example of our SilverLine Solid Carbide Milling Cutter (Ø 12 mm - Art. no. 50 972 12200)

1. 4x new tool
2. 1x new tool + 3x regrinding

red = first usage | dark grey = second usage 
medium grey = third usage | light grey = fourth usage

Save resources and act sustainably

We close the loop from secondary raw material to finished product. CERATIZIT Group is constantly optimising its yield to avoid generating secondary materials, not only externally but also in internal processes. The regrinding service we offer our customers also makes a key contribution to sustainability.

Our repurchase price for carbides is always based on the current market price. We organise the whole process for you and provide you with free quantity-specific collection containers and transport solutions.

Still have some questions?

Then take a look at our FAQs where we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

More information about the impact of wear and regrinding can be found on the pages that follow: