FAQs – Frequently asked questions about the ReStart regrinding service

What are my delivery times like?

Our standard delivery time is 15 working days starting from the time we receive your order. Tools with special geometries or coatings may have a different delivery time.

Where can I find the regrinding prices for my tool?

The regrinding prices for your tool are easy to find in our online shop. Under the point 'How can I find out which tools can be reground?' you will find a video containing price information.

What is the correct way to pack?

Please place the tools in the individual compartments in our regrinding boxes. You are welcome to place the tools in the compartments in their original packaging. That way, your tools will be optimally protected for transportation. Please include the completed despatch notes when sending and bear in mind that we would rather you sent an extra box than an overfilled box.

Where can I order a CERATIZIT ReStart box?

Please use the order form on the website.

What happens with tools that are not part of the CERATIZIT programme?

Tools sent to us that are not part of the CERATIZIT programme are geometrically ground according to CERATIZIT guidelines.

What happens with tools that are no longer suitable for regrinding?

If a tool cannot be reground, it will be returned to you unmachined.

What effect does regrinding have on my tool?

That depends on the type of tool/regrinding. For example, the diameter or length of the tool's cutting edge may be reduced.

Can't see an answer to your question? Then simply send us an email and we will get in touch with you immediately.