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Which secondary raw materials can I recycle via this route?

The focus is on all types of carbide. As a partner in the purchase and sale of secondary raw materials, our cooperation partner Stadler Metalle also offers you a complete service for all metals and alloys.

What are carbides and how do I recognise them?

Carbide is a composite material consisting of 85-95% tungsten carbide (WC) as the hard phase and 5-15% cobalt (Co) as the matrix, but can also contain nickel as a binder. Carbide can be recognised by its high density of 13-16 g/cm3, which is twice as high as that of steel.

How do I know which types I should assign my secondary raw materials to?

We make a distinction between five types of secondary raw materials: carbide tools mixed without cermets, carbide mixed (piece by piece), carbide soft scrap, tungsten and tungsten alloys, other metallic secondary raw materials. In the enclosed information you will find more detailed classifications.

Additional description for secondary raw materials
  • Carbide mixed – tools + indexable inserts without cermets: drills, milling cutters, blanks, circuit board drills, inserts, indexable inserts, PCD-tipped inserts, thread milling cutters, taps, reamers, countersinks
  • Carbide mixed – wear parts, forming tools (piece by piece): wear parts, roll rings, planer knives, wood knives, saw blades, balls, dies, profile knives, punching tools, gravers, centring tips, drawing dies, dies, cold heading dies, press tools, preforms, bushings, moulded parts, glass cutting wheels, paper cutting knives
  • Carbide soft scrap: sludge, powder, chips, unsintered carbide, press breakage, carbide green blanks
  • Tungsten and tungsten alloys: tungsten powder, tungsten components, tungsten filaments, tungsten wire, welding electrodes, tungsten boats, heavy metal, tungsten copper (WCu), tungsten nickel (WNi), Densimet, Densalloy, targets
  • Other metallic secondary raw materials: HSS, tool steel, nickel alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.), cobalt alloys (Stellite, etc.), titanium alloys, ferroalloys, molybdenum, chrome, vanadium, niobium, and other pure metals.

How do I put together my secondary raw materials for dispatch or collection in a sensible way?

If the batches are separate according to the above-mentioned types, please pack them separately. Several batches can be put separately into one transport container. Special measures are necessary for powders and sludges. We are happy to advise you on this.

Who is my recycling partner?

Existing customers of the CERATIZIT Group will receive green shipping boxes for hard scrap and return labels for quantities where this makes sense. Invoicing is done via the customer account. New customers, larger quantities of hard scrap, other types of hard scrap and other metals are handled by Stadler Metalle as our cooperation partner. Recycling is a matter of trust. We guarantee professional disposal, fair prices and trustworthy handling.

Depending on who your recycling partner is (see above), you will either be contacted directly by CERATIZIT within one working day or Stadler Metalle in Türkheim, Germany, as an affiliated partner company and certified waste disposal specialist, will also contact you promptly.

How is the pricing determined?

The total price depends on the quantity, collection location, type and current raw material prices. While the price for carbide scrap is easy to calculate, soft scrap in particular, but also other metals are subject to strong fluctuations in composition, which means that exact pricing is only possible after consultation.