Digital products & actuating tools

As an innovative supplier of holistic machining solutions, we look beyond tool selection and are paving the way for the digital future of machining. We keep an eye on the whole supply chain and implement bespoke solutions to further optimise your tool use. Benefit from tremendous expert know-how in all matters concerning machining in conjunction with digital systems and maximise your productivity today.

Process monitoring of tool machines

The ToolScope monitoring and control system constantly records and visualises the machine signals during the manufacturing process. Based on the visualised data, users can then monitor their machine and control it accordingly.

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Mechatronic actuating tools

For accurate and efficient machining of complex profiles, non-cylindrical holes, flat surfaces and recesses on parts that are not rotationally symmetrical.

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Digital precision spindle heads

Fully automated production of precision holes in a closed-loop system.

→ BlueFlex2 precision adjustment head

→ KOMflex precision spindle head