KOMlife | Autonomous acquisition of production data accurate to the second

Combines indexable insert monitoring with acquisition of production data in a flexible system

Downtime plays a crucial role for users of precision tools, as it reduces productivity and increases unit costs for the products being manufactured. By using innovative maintenance strategies such as preventive maintenance – i.e. reliable, predictive maintenance – the service life of tools and the efficiency of the system as a whole can be increased.

The KOMlife maintenance display automatically detects and records the tool operation – accurate to the second. The production data is ergonomically shown on the display.

  • Preventative Maintenance
    Regular, advance maintenance planning can increase tool service life and ensure workpiece quality at all times.
  • Wide range of applications
    The KOMlife app extends pure production data acquisition for actuating tools with intelligent maintenance messages for indexable inserts on multi-edged special-purpose tools.
  • Production data can be read directly off the tool
    Thanks to the compact design with integrated OLED display.
  • Visualisation of the necessary tool maintenance
    With a red, flashing LED.
  • Digital production data acquisition
    Through a patented, dynamic QR code and the KOMlife app.
  • Assessments of tool use
    Conclusions can be drawn about the status and load of the cutting edge after warehouse storage, for example, by scanning the QR code with the KOMlife app, providing a history of the user's handling of the tools.
  • Not dependent on tool manufacturer
    KOMlife can be easily integrated into new and existing linear and rotating systems, irrespective of the tool manufacturer.

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Ergonomic display unit

KOMlife deactivated
  • Number of operating hours
  • Current status of the maintenance interval
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 11 mm

Can be used with various tool systems

Tool rotates -> KOMlife activated
  • With linear or rotary acceleration greater than 1.5 g
  • Required installation space: 30.1 x 30.1 x 10 mm

Patented, dynamic QR code

Digital display of production data
  • Digital acquisition and export of production data via smartphone and KOMlife app
  • Display of serial number and production data

Customer-specific adaptation

Maintenance interval reached
  • Adjustable maintenance interval depending on the application
  • Visualisation of the necessary tool maintenance with a red, flashing LED
Technical data
Lithium battery CR2032
Battery life Approx. 2 years
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 11 mm
Min. acceleration 1.5 g
Min. tool diameter 50 mm

Test the KOMlife app now!

Download the app for free

Free KOMlife app in the App Store for iOS® devices

Scan test code

After downloading the app, use the QR code below to read production data such as operating hours, total hours or tool numbers issued.