Clamping technology & automation: our automation solutions for increased productivity

Why should I automate my processes?

Automation solutions increase output while simultaneously reducing your unit costs per workpiece. With our expert advice, you'll find the perfect solution to your requirements and ensure your production line is fully equipped for future challenges.


More machine spindle runtimes


More reasonable workpiece production costs


Save on resources




  • Greater productivity
    > More machine spindle hours
  • Higher turnover
    > More components at lower production costs
  • Shorter product lead times
    > Orders can be delivered more quickly
  • Unmanned production possible
    > Additional machine spindle runtimes

Which automation solution is the right one for me?

Milling machine automation with R-C2

Workpiece automation R-C2

"Fully machine workpieces on all 6 sides – completely automatically and unmanned!"
The R-C2 workpiece automation solution from our partner opens up new possibilities. It falls between pallet automation and robotic direct workpiece loading, as the clamping device and pallet are merged in the form of the gripping vice. As a result, setup times are reduced and flexibility increased.

Machining workflow with the R-C2 workpiece automation (example of 5-axis machine):

1. Different workpiece sizes
> Vice clamping range 0-225 mm. Fully automated

2. Grip and clamp workpiece
> R-C2 takes the workpiece from the shelf and clamps it fully automatically in a vice

3. Workpiece machining of 5 sides
> Vice containing the clamped workpiece is clamped in the machine so that the workpiece can be machined on 5 sides

4. 6-sides station
> Automated reclamping of the 6th side, unmanned

5. Workpiece machining of 6th side
> Vice containing the clamped workpiece is clamped in the machine again so that the workpiece can be machined on the 6th side

6. Deposit the machined workpiece in the magazine and start working on a new workpiece
> Simple loading and unloading of the magazine, requiring only minimal person hours                             



Pallet automation

Pallet automation and MES

With pallet automation, the batch size is restricted to the number of pallets, however almost everything can be manually clamped on the pallets, including larger workpieces. It is a similar story with manufacturing execution systems (MES) or pallet handling systems, however as more pallets are usually available, more parts can be produced.



Robotic direct loading

Robotic direct workpiece loading

Robotic direct loading allows extremely large batch sizes to be produced, however these systems are fitted with a component-specific gripper with a customised jaw for each blank and finished part. Converting to a different workpiece is therefore a lengthy
and complicated process.



Clamping technology for all types of automation

Pallet automation

with ZSG 4 / ESG 4 / DSG 4 / ESG 5

Suitable for all types of workpiece clamping > Single vice, centric vice, multiple vice

Robotic direct loading

with ESG mini and NCG hydraulic

Focus on the hydraulic vice

Flexible manufacturing system

with ZSG 4, ZSG mini, DSG 4, MSG 2, ESG mini, NCG, MNG, etc.

Suitable for all types of workpiece clamping > Single vice, centric vice, multiple vice and other clamping variants

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Automation tailored to your workpieces
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The economical automation of CNC machining centres for small and medium batch sizes is an exciting yet challenging task.
We'd like to work together with you to find your perfect solution and offer the perfect companion to your automated setup with our CERAsmart ToolScope process monitoring and control system, and our CERAsmart Cockpit so you can make the best use of your digital production data.

CERAsmart ToolScope provides all the required data from your machine, including detailed production data and the current condition of the tool, while CERAsmart Cockpit combines all aspects of digital machining. In conjunction with ToolScope, Cockpit delivers a combination of evaluated data – from production data and machine data to tool data and even quality management data. This ensures that you have an optimum overview of your production processes at all times.


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