Special tools & semi-standard tools

Take advantage of our customer-specific service solutions that truly make the difference

✔️ Needs-oriented ✔️ Custom-made ✔️ Process-optimised ✔️ Individual✔️ Material-oriented

We test many tool features and adapt them to your machining requirements. You therefore receive a tool which perfectly covers the conditions of your process. Whether it's design, cutting edge geometry or coatings – every tool is individually designed for you and made in our factory to strict quality guidelines. 

In addition, we not only offer cutting tools individually designed for your cutting requirements, but also create customised overall concepts. Our experts respond specifically to your needs and deliver complete process solutions and tool packages for different challenges. This way, you can be sure to receive the best solution that is precisely tailored to your needs.

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Custom-made semi-standard tools

Most efficient machining solution for your production in drilling, reaming, milling and thread milling.

Project Engineering

Needs-oriented advice, process optimisation, machining and tool concepts.