Individual solutions for tool procurement

Tool procurement is a multi-layered process that ties up numerous resources in your company. If you want to simplify these complex
processes and obtain your tools more effectively, CERATIZIT, as a full-range supplier in the machining sector, offers you innovative solutions
that are customised to your needs.

Our commitment is that you will always have the right tool at the right time – essential for your success.

Our warehouse in your machine shop!

How about a well-equipped tool store where you only pay for the tools you actually use? With our ToolSupply service, you get exactly
that - and more!

With myTOM we are expanding our service for you!

With the new myTOM service, you can now easily manage your operating resources yourself – throughout the entire life cycle of the

Your benefits with ToolSupply!


  • No additional costs for repair, service
    and enhancements
  • Immediate upgrade to the latest products
  • Inventory by CERATIZIT

Time saving

  • Automatic filling by CERATIZIT
  • 24/7 dispensers
  • Product management

Cost saving

  • Consignment stock
  • Only pay for what is actually used
  • Relief of your resources

Zero obsolete stock

  • Optimised tool inventory
  • Latest technology
  • Customised tool selection
Access to cutting tools 24/7
  • Continuous fill up
  • Less delivery bottlenecks
  • Auto notifications


  • Intuitive operation
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Self-explanatory user interface

Full transparency

  •  Retrieval of individual consumption reports
  • Real-time overview of the tool inventory
  • Clear output control

Own article
management solutions

Save time with ToolSupply!

The conventional way of tool procurement
mostly is time consuming, prolonged machine
stoppages delay the processes.

With the service provided by CERATIZIT
ToolSupply, both your money and
time can be saved!

Save costs with ToolSupply!

Say goodbye to endless ordering and
storage costs –

with our ToolSupply service you can
reduce costs!


myTOM –
The own article management in the ToolSupply landscape!

You already have a well-stocked consignment warehouse with constantly updated  inventory in your Tool-O-Mat. But now you also want to manage other work  equipment and get a simple overview of it? With our myTOM service, you can do this quickly and easily. Thanks to the tried-and-tested ToolSupply interface, you can  intuitively manage any of your own items yourself. Of course, you also get a direct connection to the Tool-O-Mat interface.

A complete overview of your entire warehouse: myTOM helps you to manage your own items intuitively and easily.

Your benefits with myTOM:

  • Simple self-administration via your own portal
  • Possibility to store and manage any of your own items
  • Direct link to the interface of your Tool-O-Mat
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the proven ToolSupply user interface


Our ToolSupply solutions at a glance!

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