UP2DATE May 2020

New developments and product enhancements - available from 4 May 2020


The first four-edged drilling tool on the market

  • The innovative, pyramid geometry of the WTX – HFDS drill ensures extremely aggressive and precise drilling performance
  • The cutting force is distributed to four cutting edges, meaning that longer service lives are possible
  • Core stability is maintained thanks to optimal cooling through four spiralised, internal coolant holes

KUB Centron

The cost-effective variant for large and deep holes is now available from stock

  • Perfect tool for holes with high length to diameter ratio
  • Cost-effective and process-secure drilling in hole depths up to 9xD
  • Modular drill is suitable for practically every material

MonsterMill NCR

Our milling cutter for nickel-based alloys

  • Specially designed milling cutter for nickel-based alloys 
  • Perfectly balanced combination of carbide, coating and geometry
  • No more problems in machining nickel-based alloys and similar materials