UP2DATE September 2020

New developments and product enhancements - available from 21/09/2020

New ISO-M grades: CTCM120 & CTCM130

For turning operations in stainless materials

  • CTCM120
    - Wear resistant grade for austenitic steels
    - High cutting speeds
    - For a smooth cut
  • CTCM130
    - Tough carbide grade for interrupted cuts
    - Guaranteed process security
    - For lower cutting speeds and unstable conditions

WTX – Feed drill reamer

Drill reamer with 3 effective cutting edges

  • Spot drilling, drilling and reaming to a tolerance is possible with the WTX Feed BR drill reamer
  • Three effective cutting edges shorten the working process significantly
  • Very high wear resistance thanks to our tried-and-tested Dragonskin coating

KUB Pentron CS – drill with cartridge system

Drilling up to Ø 96 mm

  • Holder with suitable internal cartridge covers a certain diameter range
  • Existing SOGX indexable inserts from the standard portfolio
  • Universal application, powerful, specialised

Grade CTCM245

For milling high-alloy steels

  • features an optimised coating and substrate combination
  • specially developed for machining high-alloy steels
  • excellent results for dry machining


Production data acquisition for rotating tools

  • Planned, preventative maintenance
  • Digital production data acquisition
  • Assessment of tool use
  • Not dependent on tool manufacturer


Combined system with BLUM measuring stylus

  • Automated production of precision holes
  • Significant time savings
  • Ensures the defined quality requirements for the workpiece are met